Charity Stall at the Grafton Centre

Our charity stall at the Grafton Centre was held in aid of Oxfam’s Refugee Crisis Appeal on Friday 18th of December. We raised £137. Many thanks to those who helped.

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An Evening with Oxfam, 05/11/15

This event is both a celebration of Oxfam’s achievements, and an opportunity to see what you could do to help Oxfam. Former Oxfam CEO, Dame Barbara Stocking will be among those speaking.

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Oxfam Street Collection for Nepal Earthquake

Many thanks to all those who helped with our street collection for Nepal. A total of £152 was raised for the Earthquake Appeal.

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Street Collection for Nepal Earthquake Appeal

We’re having a street collection on behalf of Oxfam’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal on Saturday 13th June, in Cambridge city centre. Oxfam is busy working in Nepal, helping communities recover from the shock of two successive earthquakes. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to help.

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The 2013 United Nations report “Inequality Matters” shows that many, but not all, countries have become more unequal since 1980 (see pages 29-39 of the report). The United Kingdom is one country where inequality has grown over this time. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK now rely on charitable food banks for at least some of their food, despite the UK being a relatively wealthy country.

Although the trend towards inequality is by no means irreversible, the difficulty arises that the mass media are largely owned and operated by the wealthier sections of society, who have no desire to see any change. Poorer people are often encouraged by the media to find scapegoats for their poverty, such as other nations, or minority ethnic or religious groups. The internet does contain some thoughtful analyses of poverty, but these are often swamped by the vast mass of bigotry and weird conspiracy theories that we all read on web comment pages. I’m happy to contribute to this inequality blog day, since it provides an opportunity for people from all over the world to express their thoughts and feelings on this important topic.

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Ebola Outbreak, Oxfam Response

Oxfam are responding to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa by supplying vitally-needed equipment, such as soap, hand sanitizer and protective clothing. Donations are needed to fund the aid. See the Oxfam GB website.

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Oxfam Emergency Work

Oxfam responds to emergencies in many countries. Currently it is working in South Sudan, Gaza, Iraq and many other countries. See . In South Sudan more than one million people have been forced from their homes by fighting. Peace talks currently continue to try to resolve the civil war. Oxfam has a huge operation to distribute food and to provide clean water and sanitation.

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